Festival of Light                                      

  Two Days of Discovering Mind, Body and Spirit!

Welcome these vendors to this years festival!!

Avillion Healing Arts and Aura Photography. Rev. Ingrid Jolly:   Photos of your Aura and interpretation.


Rev. Dr. Aphrodette NorthAstrology and Tarot readings. Recorded and emailed to you.


Irene Dean :  Tarot/Psychic and Pendulum readings.

Naturel Mistik: Fine handcrafted divination items. Clothing for men and women. Jewelry, Tarot and Rune-stone bags. Fortune telling cards and more!


Angel 8 Enterprises, Ellen Laperriere: Intuitive Tarot Card Reader/ Providing guidance and healing through channeled information received.

www.hopeand hypnosis4u.com

 Louise Burke : A variety of hand made items from jewelry to quilts. All proceeds from her sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

 Darryl Burks. Central VA. Health and Wellness.: Herbal Remedies, Nutritional Supplements, Essential Oils, Reiki Massage, Health and Wellness Coaching.


 Karmic Connections : Jennifer King. Chair Massage & Reflexology.

Therese Sharp: Psychic/Medium. Tarot and Psychic readings

 Past Times - Angela Snodgrass : Bach Flower Remedies, Information on Hypnotherapy.


 Author, Guy Skye : Will be selling his latest book "Return to Life" and doing a book signing!


 Arne' Bonay:  Light Runner, Shamanic healing, Reiki Master.

Lynn Rene McDonald: Lynn will be doing psychic readings. She is a medical intuitive, Medium(for pets and people), Empath, Spiritual Life Guide & teacher. She will be offering a variety of spiritual and natural products and many other items!

 Magnificent U, ~ D. Takara Shelor: Shelor is a best selling Author, speaker, engineer, storyteller & Mystic. She offers transformational products and services that support physical, mental / emotional and spiritual energetic well being. She also provides breakthrough technologies to heal and move beyond the past and dramatically rise in consciousness
& awareness. She will be offering books on Dolphin healing(and other), Energy sessions intuitive counsel as well as Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils & Mists. Pendulums jewelry, nutritional support.


 Mary Pritchard, ND, CNC & MME Energy Balancing SoundsHolistic Health assesments with blueprint homeopathy. Allergy mapping and elimination.


Eckankar VA. Satsang Society Inc., Marc Pritchard. Personal experiences with the Light and Sound of God is the cornerstone of the ECK  teachings. Have you had a Spiritual experience? God speaks to us through past lives, dreams and Soul travel. Stop by the Eckankar booth and experience the Spiritual wheel.


Etheric Connections, Lloyd and Leslie Runkle. Intuitive pet readings, Energy Healing, Part Reiki, part Axiatonial alignment - Re-connective

session. Selling books and classes.


Johnny Barnett,  Chakraology, Astrological readings based on the understanding "As Without(planets), So Within(chakras)". Providing empowerment, validation and clues to your purpose.
Facebook: Chakraology
Enjoy this video as well!

Creative Me, Robin Ferguson
:  Discover your personality through handwriting analysis.

 Teresa Ogden,
Handcrafted jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, metal and leather.

Artliss Naturals, Darlene Guinan. Natural soaps and beauty care products.

 Stones and Bones, Crystals, jewelry, incense, and much more!

 Mary Ann Walker:  Healing harp sessions and healing products.

Heartlight Bridges, Penny Prentice Best: Angel card and numerology readings. Life maps to inspire and empower. Angel companion bracelets. Offers individual and small groups conscious living coaching. Connecting you with your power to create an amazing life.

 Heart Mind Awakenings, Sara Allison & Andrew Montomery:
Qi Gong and natural products.

Super 7 Healers, Rosie Stars: Studied Life Coaching with Iyanla Vanzant. She offers Quantum Touch healing, oils, stones and resins to help shift lower, negative to higher and positive vibrations. Her metaphysical jewelry and resin pieces help ground and clear your energy field, uplift spirits, overcome anxiety and feel more balanced. Her new line of energy condensers has balanced whole properties and their inhabitants(including people and animals). 

Creating Harmony, Laura Sabados: Gain insight and feel freer with an intuitive reading (recorded), Aura healing, or Tuning fork/Reiki session. Additional services (not at the festival) include: Phone sessions and meditations classes to discover your intuitive abilities.
More to come!

Sagehealthnow, Cary Sciutti: Intuitive/Medium Readings

Sonia Subaran:  Tarot and Psychic readings

Unity in the Seven Hills: Offering information about what their church has to offer you and the community.

Acupuncture Works, LLC. Debi Farley:
Debi will be offering a 20/20/2 stress relief treatment during the fair. $20 for 20 minutes with just 2 needles.
This is a great way for you to get a sample of how acupuncture can help you to relax. Stress is the number one
cause of a lot of illnesses including but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, and infertility.

Politically Incorrect Massage, Angela Aloisi. Reiki, Sound therapy, Aroma therapies, massage.

Powered by your ,Soul, Judy Forder, Reiki and energy healing.

Jacqueline Lunger:   Jackie will be doing readings with cards and stones of her own design! Jacqueline is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Psychic Medium & Healer, Author of Self Help Tools; Inner Voices Chakra cards and Speak Stones casting oracle.  She has written 2 non fictions books describing Spirit assistance bringing truth and justice to falsely incarcerated individuals  "There's DNA to Prove It" and "Commander Collins Will" when Spirit messaged helped the Collins family recover valuable assets.  She has been a dedicated light worker for more than 3 decades and resides in Danville, VA.

The Team of Reverend Tony Coxx, Medium and Deborah Oleszycki, Angel messenger. Offering readings in their field.


 Lecture Schedule

Lectures will be running every 40 minutes:


!0:30 - Lynne Rene MacDonald - Enlightenment: What it is and how you acquire it.

11:15 - Lloyd Runkle - Axiatonal Alignment. The benefits of receiving one and how to become an Axiatonal Alignment practitioner.

12:00 - Aphrodette North - Interactive readings. As above so below.

12:45 - Awakening the Dolphin within With D. Takara Shelor. Takara will guide you through a powerful activation meditation to meet your personal dolphin guide and strengthen your connection to dolphins, orcas, whales and the divine feminine energies of the sea, allowing joy, grace and ease to flow into your life.

1:30 - Ingrid Jolly - From Light Worker to Light Liberator. Join Ingrid on a journey from the unknown into 12 Chakras leading into "Lightbody Empowerment as one receptive vessel" radiating its brilliance into this world. (Handouts will be available)

2:15 - Guy Skye - Emergency! Are you ready? Site evaluation and readiness planning.

3:00 - Angela Snodgrass - Question and Answers regarding Ascension, 3rd Dimension vs. 5th dimension.

3:45 - Penny Prentice Best - What would you do if you knew how powerful you are? Quantum science of epigenetics. Heart math research and recent archeology discoveries.


11:30 - Lynne Rene MacDonald - Angels, What they do and their relationship with.

!2:15 - D. Takara Shelor -

"Rapidly Fine-Tune and Enhance Your Intuition While Receiving Answers & Insights from the Divine with Pendulum Dowsing" 
Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci both did it. Now you can too! Radically fine-tune and enhance your intuition, learn a powerful clearing and healing technique, discover how to get answers directly to your most important questions. Everyone present will receive a free set of dowsing charts. This is a highly interactive transformational experience with bestselling author D. Takara Shelor.

!:00 - Ingrid Jolly - A Cosmic Shaman and more. The core essence of the Cosmos is a blazing golden hear fire expressed as the Great Cntral Sun which is mirrored at the center of the earth and sparks all life. It is the harmonizer of real time - an all embracing love in its equation of "infinity".  Yet, who is the bearer, the protector and embodiment of sacred ways and great mysteries? The answers are very simple abd I would like to invite you to join me and have fun in finding the Cosmic Shaman. ( Handouts will be provided).

1:45 - Jennifer King - Paranormal activity and Hauntings.

2:30 - Johnny Barnett -The Astrological Key to Your Heart Chakra. (Johnny will also be offering a lecture after the show Saturday evening. See the home page for details.)

3:15 - Angela Snodgrass - Question and Answers regarding Ascension, 3rd Dimension vs. 5th dimension.

4:00 - Andrew Montgomery. Qi Gong Session.